Stonetree Signs started focused on delivering signage, over the years as we gained experience we have grown to offer many services as well.

Consultation & Project Management

In an industry with infinite options for answering a client’s needs, great consultation is important for great results. We have over 24 years worth of knowledge and experience to help clients with their goals.

Design & Branding

Our designers know how to make the most of designing for many types of purposes and substrates. We help provide value by making sure your message is legible and rememberable whether a billboard, business card, or website. 

Sign Maintenance

We all love a good before and after, signs are often suitable for restoration, refacing, or repair instead of replacing!

Sign Installation

With over 24 years of experience, we know how to make an installation project a breeze for our clients. The majority of installations we perform are in North Carolina, but we handle complex sign installations all over the east coast.

Mass Product Production

Sometimes a client requires the production of an entire product line or part for their product. Common items for this are printed apparel, decals, yard signs, and small format printing.

We can help

Our team is in our Asheboro office Monday through Friday, help from a real person is just a call away!